Sara S. Hermundstad | Grand Junction Mediation

Sara S. Hermundstad is a mediator who has practiced in Grand Junction, Colorado for more than 20 years. Sara is certified as a professional mediator, based on education and experience, by the Mediation Association of Colorado. With an extensive background mediating diverse situations, her goal is to resolve disputes in a way that is beneficial for all parties involved. Prior to becoming a mediator, Sara practiced law for 10 years, handling both civil and family law cases. She understands the importance of reaching an agreement with limited or no court involvement, if possible.

Why Choose Sara S. Hermundstad For Mediation?

Mediation is a difficult process given the emotions and individual stakes involved. It is especially beneficial if both parties will need to continue a relationship in the future. If you choose to work with Sara, you will continue to be the decision maker and she will manage the mediation process.

Superior Conflict Resolution Services in Grand Junction, CO

If you are experiencing hardship from a dispute, contact Sara S. Hermundstad. As a certified mediator, she will receive commitment from both parties (whether or not attorneys will be present), bring the two parties together to work toward resolution, manage the process from beginning to end, document an agreement outlining what was agreed upon by both parties and receive signed documentation from both parties. The goal is to get the best possible outcome without needing court involvement. Not sure whether mediation is the best way to end your conflict?

Contact Sara S. Hermundstad in Grand Junction, CO, to discuss your unique resolution needs.